Twitter Workflow Frequently Asked Questions

I am a self-confessed tool junkie. I’m always on the look out for new tools that can make my life easier. This addiction really became evident when I started to think about how I use Twitter.

Rather than list every tool I’ve tried, I’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions framed around solving particular tasks with Twitter. Because of this you might see some of these tools duplicated in a couple of places.

Finally, I am always on the lookout for better Twitter workflows. If you read through this and think “Duh, it’s way easier to do it using [your favorite tool]!” let me know in the comments.

What tools should I use for Tweeting from a desktop or laptop computer?

  • On a Mac I use the official Twitter client. It’s good and stays out of the way.
  • On a PC, I use TweetDeck although most of the time I’m on my Mac. If your really get into TweetDeck you can use it on both a Mac and a PC.
  • I have recently begun using HootSuite. This is a web based client that is cross platform.

What tools should I use for Tweeting from a mobile device.

I have an iPad and an iPhone. On both of these platforms I just use the official Twitter client.

I did just download Tweetbot and it has promise.

What tools should I use to send tweets automatically?

Auto tweeting is generally not a good idea if it’s the only way you use Twitter. It kinda defeats the purpose of using Twitter as a communication tool. However there are instances where auto tweeting does come in handy.

If I want to auto tweet out articles from fellow bloggers.
I use Twitter Feedr to setup up RSS feeds for my favorite bloggers in the Internet marketing space. Thanks @Growmap for this tip.

Part of my Twitter strategy is to keep a queue full of interesting tweets that go out a few times a day. That way if I’m unavailable that day there is still activity in my account. For this I use BufferApp

If you start using the paid version of HootSuite they also offer the ability to queue a list of tweets.

What tools should I use to see if people are clicking on my Tweets?

If I want to look at the number of times someone has clicked on a link in one of my tweets the easiest tool to use is takes a long URL, converts it to a short unique one and the allows you to track any clicks on these links through their dashboard.

What tools should I use to see how influential I am?

I use Klout to measure my Twitter influence. They compute a score based on the number of followers you have, how influential they are and the number of times your content is shared.

It’s a good way to measure your influence and compare yourself with your fellow tweeters.

What tools should I use to manage my Twitter followers?

There are a number of tools for managing this. I am partial to Tweepi. It’s a bit of a Swiss army knife for Twitter follower tools. With tweepi you can

  • Flush people who you follow but haven’t followed you back.
  • Follow people back who are following you

They offer both a free and paid service. The paid service gives you more options for filtering your list. However, for just unfollowing people, the free service works well.

What tools should I use to manage my Twitter lists?

Twitter lists are a great way to organize your Twitter followers. The tools that Twitter provides don’t really give you much control over how you manage your lists though. Luckily I’ve found Forumlists.

I use Formulists to help me organize my Twitter lists. They can watch your Twitter followers and build cool dynamic lists.

I use Formulists to create a list of followers who are currently not in any of my other lists.

From there, I can use a Twitter client to classify them into proper lists.

How do I found out who has unfollowed me?

Sometimes people will follow you only to get you to follow them back. They then will unfollow you. This is called churn and Twitter frowns on it.

There is a tool you can use to track if anyone has done that. It’s called Who Unfollowed Me. The only thing about this tool is it won’t be able to track who unfollowed you prior to your signing up. Once you sign up for the service though it will track all of the follow and unfollow activity on your account.

What tools should I use to find followers near me?

Since I focus on helping local businesses it’s useful for me to find Tweeters in a specific geography.

I use the advanced search feature of Twitter. It gives me a way to look for tweets based on search criteria and narrow it down to a specific geography.

If I want to find influenctial Tweeters in my area I use Tweet Grader. They are similar to Klout but they have a search by geography page too.

How to I follow someone’s followers?

Tweepi again comes to the rescue. You can see a @user’s friends or followers and then selectively follow them.

What tools should I use if I want to get banned from Twitter?

Ah, an anti-FAQ! So, this may start a flame war among some bloggers since you can earn a nice affilliate commission from selling it but I’d stay away from TweetAdder unless you really know what you are doing.

I’ve tried using it twice and have had my Twitter account suspended for being too aggressive. I could probably spend some time tweaking it but I’m not ready to take that chance again.

Like any tool, if you don’t use it right you can hurt yourself.

I’m using this again but I’m being very conservative in my Follow / Unfollows. So far so good. I’ll keep everyone posted in this thread.


If I tried to create a catalog of ever Twitter tool that exists your head would probably explode. These are just the tools I’m using today to get my work done.

If you know of an awesome tool that I could use to improve my workflow please tell me in the comments.

Also, if you’re trying do something with Twitter that isn’t covered here shoot me a comment and I’ll add it to the list.


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